Bovet 1822 Prague Polo Cup 2016 Replica Watches

Swiss Replica Watches — The best polo players from around the world took part in the finals of the tournament held on September 10th.


The racecourse of Chuchle, south of the Czech capital, welcomed the finals of the 2016 Prague Polo Cup. This event was sponsored by Bovet 1822 and its partner in Czech Republic, Art de Suisse. Team Bovet was among the five competing teams.

Defying record temperatures, the riders and their horses spared no effort to offer a show combining combativeness to sportiness and spirit of fair play.

The spectators were able to visit the Bovet 1822 corner and discover the most recent collections of the House. Among the timepieces displayed, the Recital 18 Shooting Star® tourbillon and its innovative vision of time awakened curiosities.


This timepiece offers an hemispheric representation of the universal worldwide time and moon phases. © BOVET 1822 Fake Watches